I'm a Swedish visual artist living in Finland. I started out as a painter over twenty years ago, and have since moved on to more installation- and objectbased modes of expression. In Kokkola, where I lived for 22 years, I was also involved in founding and running the artist run gallery VISU. Now I live in the south of Finland, in the small, but vibrant, village of Fiskars.

In my artistic practice I am interested in the process of giving meaning to objects, people and relations (in psychology called kathexis). I make layman relics and play with the connotations of the fetisch, the artifact and the relic. In the consumerist imperative that surrounds us, I seek methods for reclaming the kathexis for ourselves. In this process of giving meaning we also create an order of value, and I try to find alternative ways of defining value.

Photo: Valdis Jansons